Season 4 resumes in early 2025.

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An accelerator program to build your first web3 project.

As the innovative heart of WAC Lab, WAC Factory is where cultural institutions and tech integrators come together in a 4-week program to create web3-powered projects that redefine the boundaries of art and technology.

WAC Factory
WAC Factory Success Stories
Season 1 (2022)
LAS Art Foundation: “Life After BOB” exhibition and “True Name” NFT experience by Ian Cheng (Autumn 2022, Berghain Halle, Berlin)

After pursuing the 8-week fellowship, the LAS Foundation team felt ready to experiment further with blockchain technology and integrate a component in their upcoming exhibition. The prototypes built during the WAC Hackathon served as inspiration on how to engage with visitors on-site through an interaction with the blockchain, and especially live-minting.

TZ Connect provided support to turn the idea into completion, and the LAS Foundation and Ian Cheng’s teams worked on integrating the live minting within the visitor journey and the artistic concept of the exhibition so it could be fully and seamlessly integrated. The presentation of the NFT experience called “TRUE NAME” can be found here.

Season 1 (2022)
BeFantastic: Experimenting with live minting for art fair audience engagement (April 2022, New Delhi, India)
After following the first season of WAC Lab, the team from BeFantastic (India) wanted to experiment with live minting in an art fair context. They collaborated with Tezos India to set up an exhibition booth at India Art Fair 2022. More information here.
Season 1 (2022)
Octobre Numérique: Experimenting with proof-of-attendance at an art festival (October 2022, Arles, France)
Octobre Numérique (France) has put the spotlight on blockchain in their 2022 edition festival happening in Arles all Octobre. Tezos-powered art installations, proof of attendance, and public speaking have been organized to place Tezos as the blockchain for art and culture. More information here.
Season 2 (2023)
HEK - House of Electronic Arts: NFT Shop launch in collaboration with Leander Herzog (June 2023)
At the end of the 16 weeks of WAC Fellowship and WAC Factory, the team from HEK - House of Electronic Arts (Switzerland), launched their Tezos-powered NFT shop with a first drop in collaboration with Leander Herzog. This collaboration led to 256 NFTs minted and a total sales of 25,6K xtz. The NFT shop has been developed in collaboration with Smartchain.
Season 2 (2023)
Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise Digital Souvenir launched by Musée d'Orsay (Autumn 2023, Paris, France)
The Musée d'Orsay (France) launched a Digital Souvenir on the occasion of their autumn exhibition “Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise” from October 2023 to February 2024. Unlocking different benefits, the digital souvenir is also a new form of membership program. This project was developed in collaboration with Keru Projects (more information here).
Season 2 (2023)
Generative art for impact-driven audience participation by Lena Dobrowolska from The Royal College of Art (June-July 2023, London, United Kingdom)
Lena Dobrowolska from The Royal College of Art deployed two collections on fx(hash), one of which led to 340 NFTs minted (more information here) and 2 workshops organized in art festivals in Munich and London.
Season 2 (2023)
Community building through NFT gift by Sarah Friend launched by Haus der Kunst München (July 2023, Munich, Germany)
In July 2023, Haus der Kunst München (Germany) offered to every attendee of the Echoes 2023 Festival a printed card containing an NFT created by Sarah Friend. This unique project by the artist allowed festivalgoers to actively participate in blockchain technology and create their own NFTs, forming a "digital echo" (more information here).
Season 2 (2023)
AR exhibition to collect by ArtAegis and the National Taras Shevchenko Museum - prototype (Kiev, Ukraine)
National Taras Shevchenko Museum (Ukraine) is finalizing an AR exhibition where visitors can collect digital souvenirs from the now-closed museum's collection. The exhibition will be displayed in multiple locations in Ukraine, before the end of 2023.
Season 2 (2023)
Generative art to preserve cultural heritage through co-creation by Wooko Makandie Foundation - prototype (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
The Wooko Makandie Foundation (The Netherlands) is finalizing a collection on fx(hash) to revive the cultural heritage of the Maroons tribe.
Season 2 (2023)
Perpetual funding through NFTs by the Institute for Sound and Music (upcoming, Berlin, Germany)
The Institute for Sound and Music (Germany) is working together with other international museums on a major auction sale of NFT art in order to raise funds for specific museum projects. This model aims to bring financial independence to museums. The project will be launched in early 2025.
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